Your Christmas and New Year guests are

Merry Feast Kolyada came,
Open your gate 'n take part in our game!

May be, you don't know, that Russian Orthodox Church uses old Julian calendar, which has 13 days difference with modern European one. This is a reason why it celebrates Christmas only on January 7, and New Year on January 14.

And day before, especially evening and night, and sometimes all next week, was named Kolyada. This was name of new young child - new Sun Year. Dance, songs, jokes, divination, entertainment of everybody were common Tradition from ancient time. Groups of masked younger walked along with joyful songs, blessed Home and Harvest and asked for sweet and cakes. Everybody gave them entertainment, and children and youth from every home came to dance and sing. Here is one of these ancient songs:

Master Lord is yet at home,
Why he doesn't show up?
Stand up from your bed,
Open your doors!
Lay your table,
Serve your cakes!
3 guests come to your place:
First it Hot Sun.
Second is Seren Moon,
Third is Split Rain.
Go Trinity in night,
Feed our harvest
And bless our Kin!

ENTERYou can see that the song isn't simple. Master Lord is Master of Home, and Master Lord is God Himself. Who give donation, as God gives, those are Blessed for their harvest and home. This is what Gospels said about Donations, and this law was well known many thousands years ago for our ancestors.

Now come into the World of those Ancient Tradition and take part in our Merry Holiday!



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